Online Dating Safety Tips 2023

2023 Dating Safety Tips & Guides

Our comprehensive online dating safety tips guides are here to guide you through the pitfalls of online dating and are designed t deliver you a safer, more enjoyable dating experience.

Use the online dating tips as shown in the guide at your own discretion. Many of you may consider those tips over the top, but recently considering the news of so many scams or even crimes in the online and offline dating world, taking precautions can be a very wise decision.

The safety tips shared here are a part of our extensive Online Dating Safety Guide. You can also read the guidelines for combating violence against women by Europa.

General Online Dating Safety Tips

General Online Dating Safety Tips

Ain’t nobody got time to read those long guides? Here are some of the most important dating safety tips that you need to know:

  • Never share any sensitive account information as stated in the Privacy Policy, including your full name, date of birth, email address, PriveTalk password, billing/living address, credit card/bank data, or any other financial information or personal identification information.
  • Be cautious when sharing non-sensitive accounts or other personal information with strangers. Prefer to speak about general topics instead of personal matters when speaking to people you don’t know well.
  • We advise you to refrain from sharing very personal photographs or other intimate content with the people you are talking to via our private chat, even if those people have gained your trust. We do our best to secure the content you share, but there is no guarantee that the other user will not be able to bypass our security and use this content against you.
  • Chat for at least a few days until you get to know someone better and verify his/her sincerity before choosing to exchange Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as your social media account(s) or your telephone number.
  • Always ask someone you are interested in to connect to his/her other social media accounts before arranging a date. When connected, check the authenticity of those social media accounts by looking for indications such as complete profile information, a genuine friends list, an active public profile, a variety of uploaded content such as photos that identify clearly the person
  • Always prefer to chat with someone for a few weeks before you decide to meet with him/her, and do so only when you know this person well and have verified his/her identity.
  • Prefer to talk to people who have all three verifications on their PriveTalk profile. That will mean that our company keeps presumably accurate information about
    • a) how they look;
    • b) their social media account information and
    • c) credit card/billing information, among other information
  • Be always suspicious of people who ask you too many personal or private questions from the very beginning or try to get personal information from you in an indirect way.
  • Be always careful for users that behave in a suspicious or/and fraudulent way that is against our Terms of Service. Such forbidden behavior may include engaging in unauthorized activity or/and sharing unauthorized content. A detailed explanation of such content can be found in sections 2.6 and 2.7 in PriveTalk’s Terms & Conditions document. If you encounter such violators, please report them immediately by clicking the “report profile” button at the bottom of the user’s profile screen or by selecting the “report user” button found in the message menu options on every open personal communication screen.

There are also recommendations on what you need to do before or during the date. What are the recommendations I hear you say?

Before the Big Date

Before the Big Date

  • Always have the phone call number of the person you are planning to go out to for a first date at least a few days in advance before the actual date. Be sure to exchange texts and at least one phone call before setting up the first date/meeting.
  • Let a close friend(s)/relative(s) know the location and the time the date will take place, and inform the person you are dating that you have shared this information with someone else.
  • Always think of an excuse ready prior to meeting with your date that you can use in order to leave earlier if the date that doesn’t go well.
  • Arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting place. Never agree to meet at someone’s house or your own home or share your living address until you get to know really well the person you are dating.
  • Ensure your date has a limited predefined duration and a predefined meeting location at a public place. We recommend 1-2 hours, but not more than this, and preferably before nighttime.

During the Big Date

During the Big Date

  • Let the person you are meeting know that you are meeting with someone else (friend or family) right after your date or that someone (friend/family/roommate) is waiting for you to get home at a specific time.
  • Arrange a check-up phone call with one of your close friends/family one hour after your expected meeting time with your date and also 30 minutes before the end of your date. Another check-up call 30 minutes/1 hour after your date has ended is also recommended.
  • If you feel or see that your date isn’t going too well for any reason, say politely the excuse you have mentioned before and leave earlier. Try not to look upset in front of your date, and let him/her know that you had a good time.
  • While on your date, avoid drinking too much, and never to the extent that you may become drunk.
  • Always safeguard your personal belongings. Never leave your mobile phone or other personal items unattended while you are on your date.
  • Check frequently for the time, and try not to stay for much longer on your date than what you already agreed. If the person you are dating insists on staying for longer, politely reply that you can arrange for another date soon.


We hope that those tips will help you enjoy a safer and more enjoyable dating experience! If you have any suggestions, please send us a message by using the contact us form at the footer of’s homepage.

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