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PriveTalk is the only serious dating app the requires ALL of its users to verify their profile pictures before chatting with each other.

What is PriveTalk?


Online dating can become a very exhausting. You spend endless hours chatting with someone to realize that in fact, this person is nothing like they look on the pictures.. Or even worse, you may fell into a scammer who wants to take advantage of you!

In PriveTalk dating app, we can’t accept this. We want only honest and serious people to use our services an that is why we promote verified profile pictures for free in our platform. But we offer so much more!

Unique Features

Want to see more reasons why PriveTalk is special? See below:

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Verified Profile Pictures

Chat with real people who all have verified profile pictures

Honesty is important to us, as it is for you.

That is why we require all of our users to have their profile picture verified before starting to chat for free.

This way, you know how the person you chat with really looks, and that is how all good first meetings should begin.

privetalk serious online dating with real people, personality rewards

Weekly Personality Rewards

Get rewarded for being an active and friendly user

We are proud for our online dating community, so we want to reward it appropriately.

All of our users can earn free PriveTalk coins each week, based on their activity and behaviour. Those coins can then be used to promote yourself for free, giving you more chances to meet someone nice.

This way our most friendly and active users get the recognition they deserve for free.

privetalk serious online dating with real people, no screenshots

No Screenshots Allowed

Enjoy enhanced privacy with against-screenshots features

We want to keep your PriveTalk experience as private as it gets. Therefore, we are openly against taking screenshots when using our app.

On the Android Version of PriveTalk we have a screenshot blocking technology and on the iOS version we have a screenshot reporting technology.

We moderate closely for any violations and repeating offenders will get banned permanently, doing always our best to keep your data safe.

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